Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nokia 808 - 41 Mega Pixel Camera Phone VS DSLR

Ever since Nokia launched its 41MP Camera Phone - Nokia 808 PureView, there has been a lot of curiosity among people and even there were comparisons with lower Meg Pixel Cameras. Even the advanced DSLRs such as Canon 1D Mark series or Nikon D3X who have full frame Sensors have lesser Meg Pixel capabilities. So, does it mean, Nokia 808 is a winner here? No, certainly not. Even the basic DSLRs with much lower Mega Pixel capabilities will easily out smart the 41 mega pixels camera of PureView 808. But, in Smart Phones, Nokia 808 certainly has an edge over others, picture quality is awesome and comparable to a point and shoot Cameras. Definitely can be used as a second camera who is always with you where ever you go. But, Hey Nokia, you should have put WP8 on it rather than Symbian!!
Nokia 808 PureView