Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Free 3D modeling tool - Google StetchUp

Google has just released SketchUp release 7 which lets you create 3D models very easily in just a few minutes.

Advantages are:
  • Intuitive and easy to learn - Thanks to the dozens of online videos and help center that give step by step instructions on how to use SketchUp features.
  • Extremely agile in rendering objects
  • Get models online for free at Google 3D warehouse
  • Share your 3D models with the world
3D objects can be created, modified, integrated with Google Earth etc. A lot more features are supported by Google SketchUp and if you are hungry for more, then it is better to check out their licensed version Google SketchUp Pro 7.

Please look at the comparison between the free and the paid version here.

Here is a SketchUp intro video by Google

Thanks to Google SketchUp team, Now anyone can do 3D modeling without any technical knowledge!

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sats said...
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sats said...

Great tool! I must try this out, but I’m afraid I will get addicted to it:-)

Akshatha said...

hehe yes, you will. its really an addictive tool!

TheVagabonds said...

I just tried this! WoW..this is too good and easy to build. It provides various templates. Some 3D models are available for download.