Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nokia N900 – Will it survive with its Maemo 5.0 OS against Android?

Nokia N900 looks neat and I feel Nokia Phones like N97 are not that good when compared to Apple’s iPhone, HTC’s Tocuh series phones etc. Traditionally, Nokia phones have been based on Symbian OS. But, the new N900 is based on Maemo 5.0 which is a Debian based Linux variant and that is going to power their next generation smart phones with focus on finger friendly  mobile phones. Damn, I must thank Apple for teaching all these companies about user friendliness. I have been using touch screen  devices for quite some time and post the launch of iPhone, people realized the need for finger friendly touch screens rather than the lousy stylus based touch screens.

Maemo comes with lots of apps like;

  • Web : Maemo Browser (Mozilla based web browser with Adobe Flash 9.4), RSS reader
  • Phone application
  • VoIP : Skype
  • Conversations (IM chat and SMS, no MMS)
  • Media : Camera, Photos, Media player
  • Production : Email, Calendar, PDF reader, Contacts
  • Ovi Maps (Find position on a map using the GPS, Search an address or location, Plan routes)
  • Utilities : Clock, Notes, Calculator, Sketch
  • System Tools : File manager, Application manager for downloads, Widgets
  • Games : Bounce, Chess and Mahjong

Third party Apps like Pidgin for multiprotocol IM, AbiWord for Word processor, GNumetric for spreadsheet support and more are out there. This I believe is Nokia’s attempt to handle the threat of more advanced OS like Android from Google, LiMo from LiMo foundation and Windows Mobile 7 (which is going to be released in 2010) etc.

N900 with Maemo 5.0:



Looks great, Has all the features like GPS, WiFi, Widgets, Multimedia support, TI OMAP 600MHz CPU, 32GB internal memory, up to 1GB App Memory (RAM), and more. Let us see how it succeeds in the market.

Source Nokia N900

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