Monday, December 7, 2009

Are You Stuck With Facebook Lite? Follow The Steps To Get Out Of The Hell!

Facebook Lite is a light weight version of Facebook released in US and India. It is good for those who like less cluttered interface. But, sometimes it will be a bit difficult for you to get adjusted with the simplified interface layout, to check your Farmville (sorry I don’t like it but seems to be very popular) points etc etc.


My concern is that there is no straight way of getting back to Facebook Normal from Facebook Lite version. Clearing cache/cookies do not help at all.

However, there is a simple but not so obvious way of getting back to Facebook Normal!

Just scroll down to the end of Facebook Lite page and you will find a “feedback” option. Just click on it and on the top, you would get an option to go back to Facebook normal mode. That’s it and don’t forget to send your feedback to the Lite team! You’re done.

Anyways, Facebook Lite is an experimental feature and it will get better over time.

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