Monday, September 28, 2009

Addictive Open Source Games

Well, games are always fun and one of the most rewarding industries in Computer world! Remember? Doom from ID Software that created the revolution! Now, the new trend is Open Source games. Plenty of them around and some of them are listed here. Courtesy Open-Tube. All games here are free and open source.


  • Flight Gear – A 3d flight simulator. Very good and free.
  • Assault Cube – 3d game like Doom.
  • Rigs of Rod – A vehicle simulator! Cool one. You can eve drive a 16 wheeler too. Check it out.
  • Torcs-NG – A racing game.
  • Cube 2 – Sequel of game Cube, a worthy 3d game, highly addictive game. I love it for the game play.


  • Alien Arena – A combination of Quake and Unreal Tournament. Wonderful game.


There are plenty more here and you could check them out here, all of them for free :)

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