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How to reach Shivaganga? – The Beautiful Hill with Temples and Breathtaking Views

Shivagange is a beautiful hill that is about 70 kms from Bangalore City. A short trip (or trek?) to Shivagange might be a nice way of spending your weekend.

How to reach?

Reaching Shivaganga (Actually Shivagange) is via Tumkur (NH4) Road. About 60 kms from Bangalore and an hour or so drive to reach the Shivagange hill. You can easily get Buses to Dabbasapete and from there you could catch an Auto too. But, Driving your own vehicle is recommended. You can visit Savanadurga, Manchina bele etc as they are all nearby If you have your own vehicle.

Google Map View

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Above map will be helpful for you to know where Shivaganga is and how to reach.

Just drive on NH4 (Tumkur Highway), cross the toll gate and drive towards Nelamagala. Dobbasapete is around 20 kms from Nelamangala. Dobbasapete is very easy to spot, there are good signboards for you to keep track of where you are going. However, the good landmark is that you will get a flyover. Do not take the flyover, but you will find a narrow service road on the left side, take that road. It will basically take you to Dobbasapete. Once you are in Dobbasapete, take a left (as shown in the map) and drive for about 6 kms. You will need to take a small right turn (Can ask localities) and you will reach Shivaganga Hill. It is huge and nearly 1400 meters tall, about 5 kms to the summit.

Words of Caution

  • You need to be aware of wild monkeys at Shivagange. They are ferocious and unruly. They can just walk up to you and snatch anything that is hanging freely, hand bags, food items anything. So be careful, if you have a backpack, it should be fine. I had a small backpack, they didn’t notice it and was at peace :)

  • Secondly, It is better to start early to avoid mid day sun light. Harsh sun light might bring down your energy considerably. While climbing the hill, you will go through lots of vendors who sell lots of food items and you can rejuvenate yourself. It is a long way up to the summit, about 5 kms and is not easy - at least for me :).

Beautiful Views will mesmerize you. Shiva temple is tranquilizing and Olakallu Theeertha ( a temple carved in the stone with sacred waters) are all nice. You need to see and enjoy. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.







All said and Done

A nice place, a good endurance test for your body :), Wild Monkeys companionship and total fun. Make sure that you carry your own food. Hotels aren’t too good there.

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