Saturday, October 10, 2009

Facebook is killing Orkut!

It is a well known fact that Facebook has been vicious to Google’s Social Networking Product Orkut. Facebook is already the leader in the US and couple of other countries. See the below ComScore statistic, How Facebook fares against Orkut. Orkut has approximately 1% of the Facebook’s total reach!


Orkut’s strong hold has been Brazil and India for quite sometime now and Facebook has been battling to take over the number one spot here in India as well as Brazil.

How will Facebook achieve it? The recent Orkut migration tool from Facebook - can import your contacts from Orkut seamlessly to Facebook.


This is good in a way. If you see that your friends are slowly migrating from Orkut to Facebook, then you don’t want to manually hunt for those who were with you on Orkut :)


As per ComScore, Since August this Year, Orkut is losing its users to Facebook in great numbers.

Isn’t it Ironic? Innovations Guru like Google is losing against Facebook? In my opinion, Google isn’t bothered about this. If they really want to catch up with Facebook, they definitely can but they have some other plans I guess.

Yahoo has dropped their much anticipated SpotM, MySpace is in India planning layoffs or even shutting down the entire MySpace India center.

Here is a World Map of Social Networking Sites. The green ones are Facebook dominated countries.


I personally like Orkut :) Facebook looks like it is invading with its silly games! Damn!

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