Saturday, October 10, 2009

Top WiFi Radios – Quest For Internet Radio

Are you stuck with the lousy FM like Radio Indigo? Yeah, I agree they do play some good numbers but sometimes RJs kind of get on to your nerves. Satellite Radios are better but again, they are not free.

So, WiFi Radios make perfect sense, just get hooked on your WiFi Router and Surf the loads and loads of Internet Radio Stations for Free without having to stare at your laptop screen!

Pretty good WiFi Radio collections out there for you to choose from! Some of them that I liked are;

LogiTech SqeezeBox Boom

The best All-in-One TableTop WiFi Radio and CNET Review gives a 4 star to it. Compact, supports all internet radio formats, Ethernet support, PC based music files and more. More is here on Logitech Website.


Philips Streamium NP2900

This slim radio can produce nice sound and with its color screen it can show you the artists, album details etc.


Oxx Digital Tube

Oxx Digital Tube is a little bulky but due its tubular shape, it can produce decent bass. Provides access to thousands of radios across the world.


There are many such WiFi radios around and you could get details on them here and here.

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